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The Top Reasons Car Wash Owners Are Converting To Conveyor Belt Systems

The Top Reasons Car Wash Owners Are Converting To Conveyor Belt Systems

Belt conveyors are the future for the car wash industry. You are either one of the people who is excited about that or you want to fight it. There seems to be no middle ground in this argument.  

Car Wash Conveyor Belts Offer Advantages Over Competition

Belt conveyors make for a better experience for your car wash customers. There's no doubt about it. Customers are more likely to return to a car wash with belt conveyors versus a wash with a chain and roller system.

Don't believe me? Check out this article, The Business of Conveyor Belts by Rich DiPalo on It sites a study that says "For the sites we studied, the minimum volume increase of the belt sites compared to the chain sites was 26% and the average volume increase was actually 89%. Additionally, the belt sites are charging $1 more per ticket so we believe belts are a huge competitive differentiator." 

Car Wash Owners Converting To Conveyor Belts Systems Make More Money

In addition, to making more money per ticket, a belt conveyor will wash more types of vehicles. We're talking about low profile sports cars, wide tires, dual tires, as well as any other vehicles the car wash equipment can handle. Belts aren't limited like chain and roller systems with their cumbersome rails. A belt conveyor will open up your market to new customers and the word will spread in those communities, getting you customers who simply couldn't use your wash before.

Want more proof, listen to Lawrence Stovall, the owner of AutoBrite Company (and my boss) on this interview. In any other industry people would now call him a "futurist". He can see things coming better than anyone I've ever met.

The bottom line is - conveyor belts will give you an advantage over your competition because belts are easier and safer for your customers. They can put cars through the tunnel faster, they are easier to maintain, and they wash more vehicle types. This means more money for you.

Still not sure, how about one more article, Belt Conveyors - Coming of Age with Advancements that Matter in AutoLaundry News. 

AutoBrite™ Car Wash Conveyor Belt Systems Offer Even More Benefits 

Right now there are only three companies who have belts and are competitive withchain and roller systems. AutoBrite™ is one of them.

Our belt structure is thinner and stronger than the others on the market because the complete structure is made of 403 stainless steel. Why should you care about a thinner structure? Thinner means less digging to install. Typically, you will only need about a 9" trench. This will save you a ton of money on construction costs and makes retrofitting older washes possible.

Plus you will never guess how little time it takes to install our car wash conveyor belt system!

Contact me for more information about car wash conveyor belt systems or the AutoBrite ComfortGlide Dual Belt System in particular. I'll give you general information, answer any questions and provide a competitive price with no hassle and no required add-ons to buy later. Everything is included in an AutoBrite™ system; stainless steel construction, upgraded belt thickness, heavy-duty frame, belt wash system, VFDs, motors, gear boxes, sensors, and anti-collision system are part of the package.

Love 'um or hate 'um, the future has arrived - car wash conveyor belts are here to stay. 

By Ben Branam  

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