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Green truck going through a ModBrite car wash

Car Washes For Oversized Needs

Fit Trucks and Buses Inside AutoBrite™ Car Washes

Finding a car wash to fit the size of box trucks, commercial vehicle fleets or buses can be difficult. At AutoBrite™, we offer customized car wash systems designed to fit large and oversized vehicles no matter the size.

Our car washes with their simple and effective design are highly customizable, so they can be fitted to any size you need to wash your large trucks and buses with ease. Whether you want a tunnel system, in-bay automatic system or a self-service car wash, AutoBrite™ can customize the car wash equipment to meet your specific application need.

Black truck going through a Modbrite tunnel car wash

ModBrite™ Mini Express Tunnel

An automatic car wash with a small footprint that can fit into any space


Dark truck going through the TriBrite car wash

TriBrite™ In-Bay Automatic

Gives three different wash options with five different brushes


Blue truck going through the TouchBrite car wash

TouchBrite™ In-Bay Automatic

Three brush car wash that is energy efficient and budget friendly


Self service car wash with a mini van in it

Self Service Car Wash

The budget friendly car wash option


Free standing car wash

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