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Increase Shine with Drying Agents & Spray Waxes

Washing cars is the main goal of a car wash, but drying them properly gives the customer a better finish and will keep them coming back for more washes. AutoBrite™ offers drying agents and spray wax to make sure your customer’s cars look clean without water spots.

Water left over on the car after a car wash can leave water spots and streaks once the car air dries, which displeases customers who are unhappy with the appearance of their car. Drying agents are a chemical solution designed to help remove water off of surfaces. It breaks the surface tension of the water on the car which lets the water evaporate faster.

Once the car is dry thanks to the drying agent, a car wash can apply a spray wax on the car. AutoBrite™ offers spray wax chemicals to further remove wet spots and to increase the shine of the car.