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blue truck inside of the TouchBrite car wash

In-Bay Automatic Carwash Equipment for a Superior Clean

IBAs Designed to Meet All Your Needs

AutoBrite™ is proud to offer our two time-tested in-bay automatic systems to provide car wash owners with dependability and durability to support their car wash needs and increase their return on investment. AutoBrite™’s in-bay automatic systems to provide a consistent wash every time to keep customers happy and returning to your car wash, increasing customer loyalty. Both the TouchBrite™ and the TriBrite™ offer many benefits and can be modified to meet your locations car wash needs.

  • Quality Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Performance Consistency & Quality
  • Affordably Priced Equipment
  • Proven Track Record of Performance

TouchBrite™ In-Bay Automatic Foam Touch Car Wash

The TouchBrite™ is a three-brush car wash in-bay automatic system that offers your customers a premium car wash at a welcoming price. The high-quality car wash equipment offers more than four decades of field-tested performance to car wash owners worldwide. The TouchBrite™ IBA is energy efficient and budget-friendly. 

The TouchBrite foam touch car wash with a silver car driving through

An In-Bay Conversion is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Keep Your Structure
2. Install ModBrite
3. Optimize Car Wash

Before In-Bay Conversion
After In-Bay Car Wash Conversion