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Car Wash & Detailer Training

At AutoBrite™, we believe one of our responsibilities is to help our fellow human beings achieve the best results possible. One of the ways we achieve this is making sure our clients have the information, training and equipment they need to reach their car wash goals.

Our goal is to work with you and assist you with all the authority we possess as a leader and consultant in the car wash and auto dealership industry. We offer training to pass our knowledge to you and your employees. Our hands-on training covers everything from car wash operation skills to industry trends and marketing.

Professional Detailing Training & Certification

AutoBrite™ is proud to be a member of the International Detailing Association. We offer our customers the Certified Detailer Program through the IDA.

The Certified Detailer Program is designed to provide participants with a mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to be a trained and skilled detailer. Participants go through the training program in multiple phases. As each phase of the Certified Detailer Program is completed, you will earn certifications that benefit both you and your customers.

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