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Car Wash Powders & Detergents

Powders and detergents clean customer’s cars and prepare them for the drying process. At AutoBrite™ we offer car wash chemicals to provide your customers with a deep clean.

Powder detergent chemicals help lift dirt and other debris off the car’s surface.  It comes in a powder form which makes them stronger when they are used to clean as opposed to liquid cleaning chemicals when they are mixed with water. Powder detergents are a better option for car wash operators looking to buy in bulk, and AutoBrite™ is here to provide high quality powder detergents.

Liquid detergents also help lift the soil and holds it so it can be ready to rinsed off. They prep the vehicle for drying and clean and seal any surface cracks. AutoBrite™ offers liquid detergent to support your car wash and give your customers a deep clean.