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Three cars in the PreBrite prewash carwash

World Class Self- Service Solutions

Traditional & Dependable Self-Service Car Wash Systems

AutoBrite™’s self-service car wash systems are built above-spec to exceed expectations and give our customers the most reliable, efficient, and long-lasting car wash operation as possible. AutoBrite™ designs and manufacturers a versatile line of self-service car wash equipment that is customizable to meet the needs of each car wash operators’ goals. Our self-service car wash equipment is perfect for locations with high-volume traffic, auto dealerships and traditional multi-bay operations. Benefits include:

  • Speedy Throughput
  • Customizable Configurations
  • Affordable Upfront Investment
  • Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Budget Friendly, Self-Service Car Wash

Self-Service equipment is the budget-friendly solution for many car wash operations.

The rise and foam at the beginning gets the washing process started, which moves cars through the bay nearly two times faster than traditional hand wash bays.

So, whether your carwash lets the customers wash their vehicle or employees wash and detail the cars, self-service equipment cuts labor by a third and cuts your time spent in half. With the self-service carwash, car wash owners can increase their return on investment.

PrepBrite self service car wash at night