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Auto Dealerships Car Wash Solutions

Increase Throughput and Bring Back More Customers

Auto dealerships and car washes have a lot in common with their need for moving cars in and out of their facilities, and they also provide cleaning and detailing services. Car wash make-ready standards are expected upon the delivery of a new vehicle, used car, or vehicle that was in for repair. And some dealerships now offer complete car wash services for existing customers to keep the relationship active until the next vehicle purchase.

Whatever your dealership needs only make-ready equipment to speed the process of getting a vehicle in the customers hands or needs an elevated car wash customer experience to develop a long-term relationship, AutoBrite™ has the car wash system for your auto dealership.

Deliver Cars Faster To Your Customers

AutoBrite™ offers several options for internal use of car wash equipment to expedite delivery of vehicles to customers. The In-bay automatics and self-service equipment can wash all types of vehicles much faster with automation than porters can by hand. Whether the dealership can benefit from just an overhead arch or a complete dual belt conveyor system, depends on the dealerships volume and objectives. The dual conveyor belt design allows for the belt to take the lowest profile and widest vehicles. The vehicles are evenly spaced apart and allow for higher throughput at the dealership.

truck inside modbrite car wash
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